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Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D. at 843-422-1408 has a unique approach to marriage counseling in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC.
He has helped many couples get what they want, a joyful
and happy relationship.  

        Marriage and Couples Counseling,
Bluffton Hilton Head, SC

Relationships Get Better With A Good Coach

Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D. (843-422-1408) Bluffton, SC marriage counselor and couples coach for over twenty years, specializes in unraveling marriage, relationship and interpersonal snarls that prevent efficient and profitable people functioning. He works with their families and marriages, family businesses and corporate teams. Couples counseling does work, but so do other forms of coaching.

Dr. Anderson's coaching and training clients include senior management leaders and teams in corporations such as Aventis, Deluxe Check Printers, AT&T, SBC Communications, Yellow Freight, Telecredit and a variety of professional organizations. He also consults family business in their succession plans.

Paul Anderson is a licensed, doctoral psychologist in Missouri, Kansas and South Carolina, with national certifications in marriage, family and addictions ccouples therapy kansas cityounseling. He is a licensed addictions counselor in Kansas.

He has held an appointment as adjunct faculty at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for several years and is the author of "BulletProof Recovery", a self help manual for people who desire sustained sobriety from addictions. 

You may also gain access to his book on what makes marriage and couple relationships work: " New Rules For Relationships and Modern Marriage: Love Is Not Enough."


Success Counseling and Coaching
Any one can be successful. The challenge is how to keep the goals you achieve. Sustained achievement is golden but difficult to come by.  Many people make things better and then regress.  Loosing your hard earned success is discouraging and I work to help you prevent that.

My task and goal as your counselor
and coach is to correct the missteps and dead ends you've taken and get you on the road to your goals in ways that keep you there. How you become successful has everything to do with sustaining your success.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Depending on your marriage counselor or relationship coach, couples receive help based upon solid research done by reputable places such as the Gottman Relationship Institute. This kind of up-to-date information is used by Dr. Paul Anderson to teach couples cutting edge relationship skills resulting in efficient and sustainable positive benefits for you and your partner.

Whether it's marital, business, career or recovery accomplishment you want, I am going to give you the keys to getting there. This is a work smarter, not harder approach.   My job is to first determine what's been missing that has kept you short of your success-goal(s). It can be as profound as major skill sets or packages of knowledge. It can sometimes be a simple, "Hey. Have you ever thought of ___?" that turns things around for you. Often people have not taken good care of themselves and their full capacities are not available to them to make the grade.

Just like a coach with his team at an athletic event, he can't get out there on the field and do it for the players. However, in the side-line coaching sessions, he can give the team the benefit of his objectivity, knowledge and seasoning. In turn, the team or individual player will use that expertise to maximize their own proficiencies in the game they play and become sustained winners.

Counseling Is Not For Everyone
If counseling is not for you, there are many other things a couple can do to improve their living experiences with each other. Weekend marriage enrichment program are very effective. There are books and tapes easily available online which provide solid direction to guide a couple into better communication styles and skills.

Taking some of the tests or surveys that bring out each person's views and values can aids couples to be better acquainted with each other in critical areas of living. Often it's simple a matter of needing more information about how to do various aspects of marriage that we take for granted, such as parenting, managing money and keeping the sexual fires lit.  There is an enormous amount of new and useful research and information available that helps keep couple relationships alive and vital.

Of course counseling is not for everyone.  Books, tapes, seminars, priest/ministers or retreats are but a few of the other possibilites. Marriage counseling, however, is a solid option for many couples because relationship counseling does work.

Call me today (843-422-1408) for an appointment to help make any relationship a success; marriage, couples relationship or one at work. Effective marriage counseling in Bluffton Hilton Head, SC is available for you and your partner.